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FAQ hairpieces

Frequently asked questions and
information on hairtalk hairpieces.

FAQ hairpieces

Frequently asked questions and
information on hairtalk hairpieces.

Hairtalk hairpieces - Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Interesting facts about our hairpieces

  • Is it possible to combine hairtalk hairwear with hairtalk extensions?

    Yes, it is possible without any problem. When hairtalk hairwear is used in combination with hairtalk extensions ideal results can be achieved with highlights with colour-effects.

  • How long can I wear the hairtalk hairwear?

    How long the hairtalk hairwear can be worn depends on the hair care and how the hairpiece is attached. With the permanent tape attachement, your hairstylist will remove the hairpiece after 3 or 4 weeks and replace it at the hairline.

  • How can I maintain hairtalk hairwear?

    hairtalk hairwear can be perfectly maintained with the hairtalk care products. Please read the care instructions you will receive from your hairstylist, to make sure you find the perfect care for your hairtalk hairwear piece.

  • Does health insurance support hairtalk hairwear?

    Yes, hairtalk hairwear can be financially supported by health insurance. Please ask your insurance company and your hairstylist for specific information.

  • How are hairpieces by hairtalk hairwear attached?

    There are two different possibilities to attach your hairpiece by hairtalk hairwear: a permanent attachment with tapes and the non-permanent attachment with clips. The latter can be put on and taken off on your own.

  • Which hair quality do hairtalk hairwear have?

    The pieces by hairtalk hairwear are made of 100 % Remi-Echthaar.

  • Can I go to the sauna or work out with hairtalk hairwear?

    Yes, in daily situations such as sleeping, swimming or going to the sauna hairtalk hairwear guarantees a maximum of flexibility and security. But of course it is necessary you should take good care after such activitie to ensure the quality over a long period of time.

  • Will there be further oncosts?

    If there are any oncosts after the purchase of hairtalk hairwear can't be answered generally. It depends on the hairstylist, the salon and the service you use, as well as on the attachement you chose.